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Why should I choose you to look after my car or bike?

I have many years experience in the industry and only the use the best tools, equipment and products to ensure your car looks its best. I have a large van fully stocked with everything that you could ever need to carry out a professional job with professional results.

What is a rinseless wash?

As the name suggests, it is very much like a regular wash, except there is no need to rinse the car down before or after. This is achieved using Meguiars exclusive formula that is 100% safe to use on even the most delicate paint.

Do you only do rinseless washes?

Not at all, while I try to save as much water as possible, when possible, you and your vehicles needs come first. If your vehicle is very dirty, or if you would simply prefer it, I come equipped to carry out a “traditional” wash with a pressure washer and high quality car wash.

Can you clean my car where I work?

Absolutely. Because of the Rinseless system we do not need access to a pressured water supply. As long as I have a reasonable level of light and room to safely move around the vehicle, I can clean your car wherever you like.

Do you need access to power?

In order to run things like vacuums and polishers ideally the vehicle will be within 25 metres of a power outlet. If for any reason this isn’t possible please call as a generator can be arranged for large jobs.

How much water will I save by using a rinseless wash?

Up to 200 litres a wash. If you have your car cleaned only once a month you would be saving up to 2400 litres of water per year.

What if my car is really, really dirty? Surely you couldn’t clean it without rinsing?

Our Rinseless system will cope with almost all of the daily dirt and grime that gets coated on your car every day, even if it has been some time since your car was last washed. If your car has caked-on mud/dirt, for example from off-roading, we have a couple of options, we can give your car a quick pre rinse before carrying out a Rinseless wash or we can simply carry out a traditional wash with a pressure washer and car wash

What areas do you service?

I currently service the greater Christchurch area.

How do I arrange an Eco Performance Car Wash?

Just call on 0800 742647 and I will do the rest!